Acculance SaaS – Multitenancy Based POS, Accounting Management System

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Multitenancy Architecture: Acculance SaaS excels in creating individual databases for each tenant, ensuring data isolation and security. This architecture …

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Acculance SaaS is a multi-tenant SaaS application that caters specifically to aspiring SaaS entrepreneurs. With ownership of the script, you gain the flexibility to design your pricing plans and market subscriptions to your clientele. This empowers your customers with a comprehensive web application to effectively manage their expenses, purchases, sales, payments, accounting, inventory, and a multitude of other functions.

With the newly released version v3, we have undergone significant enhancements to the application, rendering it even more versatile and suitable for a diverse spectrum of businesses. Start your SaaS business today with Acculance SaaS.

System Requirements:

Acculance SaaS operates on a multitenancy and subdomain-based model, generating a distinct database and subdomain for each tenant. It’s important to note that Acculance SaaS may not be compatible with shared hosting or standard cPanel-based hosting environments.

For optimal performance and seamless operation, we strongly recommend utilizing platforms such as DigitalOcean in conjunction with Ploi (Server Management Tool) to host and manage Acculance SaaS efficiently.

Server Requirements:

  • MySQL root access (root username and password)
  • Wildcard subdomain support
  • Wildcard subdomain SSL support
  • Ability to change and upgrade PHP Version
  • Ability to install PHP Extensions
  • Mysql Version > 5.7
  • PHP Version > 8.0.2
  • Cron Job Support

Start a SaaS Business:

Start Your SaaS Business Journey with Acculance SaaS:

  1. Acquire Script: Secure the Acculance SaaS – POS, Inventory, Accounting SaaS Application extended license from Envato.
  2. Installation: Easily install the script on your server by following the provided documentation.
  3. Configuration: Set up pricing plans and select payment methods tailored to your customer’s needs. Customize your landing page to align with your business vision.
  4. Marketing Campaign: Launch your marketing efforts to attract customers to your application.
  5. Seamless Earnings: As customers opt for subscription plans, watch your revenues grow effortlessly. Relax and savor the rewards of your SaaS venture.

That’s it! Starting a SaaS business has never been more accessible. Acculance SaaS has turned your dream into a reality.

Central Panel Modules:

  • Pricing Plan Management
    • Manage pricing plans
    • Manage pricing plan features
    • Manage pricing plan limitation
  • Tenant Management
    • Manage Tenant
    • Impersonate Tenant
    • Ban Tenant
    • Notify Tenant Via Mail
  • Subscription Management
    • Manage Subscription
    • Manual Subscription
    • Stripe Subscription
    • Paypal Subscription
  • Domain Management
    • Manage Domain
    • Allow custom domain
  • Promotion Management
    • Send Mail to Tenant
    • Send Mail to Subscribers
  • CMS Management
    • Update Landing Page
    • Create New Pages
    • Newsletter subscribers
  • System Management
    • Manage Default Settings
    • Manage Email Settings
    • Manage SMS Settings
    • Manage Payment Settings
    • Manage Role & Permission Settings
    • Manage User Settings
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If this is a plugin and the theme must be unzipped then upload. If it’s PHP script or Android source code and other items then check the docs file available on the zip file.

For info write to: [email protected]

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9 reviews for Acculance SaaS – Multitenancy Based POS, Accounting Management System

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  1. Avatar of Kaden Arabic

    Very fast delivery.

  2. Avatar of Momux

    Good quality.

  3. Avatar of David

    I need update version.

  4. Avatar of Charles

    I need update version.

  5. Avatar of 99amy99amy

    Very fast delivery.

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