Content Egg – All in one plugin for Affiliate, Price Comparison, Deal sites

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Main Features of Content Egg – All In One Plugin For Affiliate … — Content Egg is all in one plugin for comparison sites, coupon & deals sites.

Content Egg is all in one sollution for creating profitable websites, affiliate websites, price comparison, deals and product reviews

Content Egg - How it worksVisit

SPECIAL BUNDLE 4 IN 1 Egg has many pro features which you can find on top comparison sites. Creating such sites is possible now for everyone without spending thousands of dollars for developers and content makers.Content Egg - all in one plugin for Affiliate, Price Comparison, Deal sites - 1AWIN wordpress plugin

Why Content Egg is the best plugin for online moneymaking?

  • Easily adding offers from different affiliate systems by keyword
  • Support for woocommerce and product sychronization
  • Automatic updating prices and offers
  • Option to generate auto updating price comparison lists of actual offers by keyword
  • Options to set search filters for modules (price range, discount, categories, best offers, CC license, etc)
  • Automatically adds your partner ID to links
Price comparison plugin wordpress
  • Possible to use Multi location for Amazon
  • Several output templates (grid, lists, product boxes)
  • Price drop alerts for products, Price history with graphs
  • Works with any theme
  • More that 20 affiliate system APIs and we added more and more. You don’t need to buy separate plugin for each system
  • Show offer anywhere, plugin works with shortcodes
  • Content Modules. Add relevant additional contents to your posts. Videos, images, news, tweets
  • Autoblog
  • Fill extension to add offers to existing posts
  • Common comparison lists for all modules. Give your users the best deals
  • This is not new plugin, we developed it 2 years before upload on Codecanyon
Price comparison plugin wordpress

How it works

  • Activate your modules. Add your API keys with access to network.
  • Find best offers by search keyword. Output offers to your page by special shortcodes.
  • It’s very simple and fast: multiple search and add data directly to the post editing page without reloading the page.
  • You can also setup autoblogging and plugin will create posts with relevant content by your schedule.
Content Egg works through official Product APIs. So you must have API access. Please find here detailed documentation for each of the modules.Check our Affiliate Egg plugin if you don’t have API access yet.Woocommerce Price comparison plugin wordpressadd price drop widget woocommerce

Need multiple license pack with maximum discount?

BUNDLE OFFER! This plugin is available in Content Egg Pro Affiliate Egg Pro External Importer Pro Cashback Tracker Pro bundle pack. Get ALL our plugins for one low price.CE   AE   CTracker bundle offerCHECK PRICES

List of supported modules:

  • Admitad Admitad (coupons only)
  • Aliexpress Aliexpress (multicurrency)
  • Amazon Amazon (ae, au, br, ca, de, es, fr, in, it, jp, mx, nl, sa, se, sg, tr, uk, us)
  • Amazon Amazon No API (ca, de, es, fr, in, it, uk, us)
  • Avantlink Avantlink
  • Avantlink Awin (via Data Feeds)
  • (NL,BE)
  • CJ Affiliate (products & links)
  • Clickbank Clickbank
  • Daisycon Daisycon (via Data Feeds)
  • Envato Envato (Themeforest, Codecanyon,...)
  • Flipkart Flipkart
  • GdeSlon
  • Impactradius Impactradius
  • Kelkoogroup Kelkoogroup
  • Rakuten LinkShare Rakuten LinkShare
  • Linkwise Linkwise
  • (products and coupons)
  • Pepperjam Pepperjam
  • Shareasale Shareasale
  • Skimlinks Skimlinks (coupons only)
  • Tradedoubler Tradedoubler (products and coupons)
  • Tradetracker Tradetracker (products and coupons)
  • Udemy Udemy
  • Viglink Viglink ( search by URL feature)
  • Walmart Walmart
  • Walmart Webgains (via Data Feeds)
  • Offer and Coupon module (for manual adding)

Content modules

  • Bing Images Bing Images (license filter)
  • Flickr Flickr Images (license filter)
  • Books Google Books Google
  • Images Google Google Images (license filter)
  • News Google Google News
  • Pixabay Pixabay Images (public domain photos)
  • Qwant Qwant Images
  • Related Keywords Related Keywords (Bing API)
  • RSS Fetcher RSS Fetcher (any RSS feed)
  • Twitter Twitter
  • Youtube Youtube

Feed modules

Content Egg has special module to work with CSV feeds.

My network isn’t listed

Check some videos how plugin works:


= 10.4.0 =
  • Improvement: Bolcom module: New API authentication method.
= 10.3.0 =
  • New: Option to add AggregateOffer to product structured data.
  • New: Autoblog: Slug template.
= 10.1.0 =
  • New: Feed module: JSON feed format.
  • New: Amazon module: support.
  • New: Multiple keyword search.
  • Improvement: Alt tag for featured images.
  • Improvement: Feed modules: Update by page view.
  • Fix: Tradetracker Products: Reference.
= 9.9.0 =
  • New: Ebay module: Added support for AT and CH locales.
  • New: Bolcom module: Description type.
  • New: REST API: Return woo synced offer only.
  • New: REST API for module data.
  • New: Module shortcodes: sort parameter.
  • New: Ebay module: Image size option.
  • New: Ebay module: Priority listing filter.
  • New: Offer modules: Default currency option.
  • Improvement: Tradedoubler module: Migration to the latest API syntax.
  • Improvement: Impactradius module: Migration to API v12.
  • Fix: Ebay module: Local redirects.
  • Fix: Feed modules: Stock status.
  • Fix: Tradedoubler module: Unique IDs.
= 9.4.0 =
  • New: Shortcode parameters: add_query_arg.
  • Improvement: Feed modules: Feeds will be updated twice a day.
  • Improvement: Offer modules: Domain editing capability.
= 9.3.0 =
  • New: Feed module: Support for XML format.
  • Improvement: Locale filter for block shortcodes.
  • Fix: AMP styles.
= 9.2.0 =
  • New: Amazon No API module.
  • Improvement: Kelkoo module: Migration to new API platform.
= 9.0.0 =
  • New: Merchant settings: Shop info.
  • New: Feed module: Deeplink.
  • New: Block template: Top listing.
  • New: License status notifications.
  • Improvement: Feed module: Feed encoding option.
  • Improvement: Walmart module: Search by EAN.
  • Improvement: Compatibility with WooCommerce 5.1.0.
  • Improvement: Walmart module: Migration to new API platform.
  • Improvement: Walmart module: Search by URL feature.
  • Improvement: Ebay module: OAuth authentication.
  • Fix: Feed modules: WooCommerce sync.
= 8.6.0 =
  • New: Feed module to work with custom CSV feeds.
  • New: Option to import all product URLs/EANs for feed modules.
  • New: Price alert email templates.
  • New: Frontend text settings.
  • New: Custom Amazon disclaimer.
  • Improvement: Ebay module: New tracking link format.
  • Improvement: Optimisation for amazon images.
  • Improvement: Glyphicons are no longer used on frontend.
  • Improvement: Daisycon module: search by EAN.
  • Improvement: Minor changes and fixes.
  • Improvement: Impact Radius API.
= 8.2.0 =
  • New: Price alerts option: General alert for all products in a post.
  • New: Amazon template: Add all to cart button.
  • Improvement: Amazon module: Search by multiple ASINs separated by commas.
= 8.1.0 =
  • New: Amazon module: support.
  • New: Template settings (price color, stock status, etc.)
  • New: Amazon template: Add all to cart button.
  • New: Block template: Price comparison card.
  • New: Block template: Buttons row.
  • New: Block template: Sorted offers list with no prices.
  • New: Block template: Text links.
  • New: Module template: Product card (no features).
  • New: Shortcode parameter: btn_text.
  • New: Youtube module: Featured image.
  • New: Amazon module: Option to hide large logos.
  • New: AE modules: Option to hide large logos.
  • New: Possibility to create custom modules (feature for developers).
  • New: Option: Rel attribute for affiliate links.
  • New: Offer module: Custom merchant logos.
  • New: General settings: Custom merchant logos.
  • New: WooCommerce settings: Show price per unit.
  • Improvement: Better mobile templates.
  • Improvement: Better desktop templates.
  • Improvement: Better module management.
  • Improvement: Better plugin settings.
  • Improvement: Better widget templates.
  • Improvement: Offer module: Set product status to OutOfStock if 404 error.
  • Improvement: Autoblogging hints: Amazon keywords according to the set Site language value.
  • Improvement: Some basic HTML tags are allowed in product description.
  • Improvement: CJ Products: Migration to new Product Search API.
  • Improvement: Amazon module: New product prices takes precedence over used products.
  • Improvement: Offer module: Auto-detection of a real domain in deeplinks.
  • Improvement: Datafeed modules: Better error handling.
  • Fix: Admitad Coupons: Fixed download URI.
  • Fix: Aliexpress module: Some images are not saved to local server.
  • Fix: Critical error in datafeed modules.
  • Fix: Webgains: Not all products are imported into the local database.
  • Deprecated: Optimisemedia module.
= 6.7.0 =
  • New: Webgains module via data feeds.
  • New: Aliexpress module through new API. The old module was marked as “legacy”.
  • New: TradetrackerProducts: “Out of stock” option.
  • New: Ebay module: Seller search filter.
  • Improvement: External featured images: Added support for product structured data.
  • Improvement: External featured images: Added support for Yoast schema graph.
  • Improvement: Links to new documentation
  • Improvement: Awin module: Feed export in background.
  • Fix: Ebay module: prices.
  • Fix: Linkshare module: prices.
= 6.4.0 =
  • * New: Awin module: Search partial URL.
  • * New: Amazon module: support.
  • * Fix: Walmart module: tracking links fix.
  • * Fix: Tradetracker modules: PHP 7.3 support.
  • * Fix: External featured images: WP 5.4 support.
=6.2.5 =

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    No need activation code. Really awesome

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    Please contact me. I want your service.

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    Please share new version

  4. Avatar of arku

    Anyone can make it nulled.

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    I need Installation support.

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