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The Best WooCommerce Quick View Plugins and Guide

Do you own an online store? Want an easier way to display the product details? Want an easier way for customers to view products and add them to the cart? In that case, you must try out the WooCommerce quick view plugins we share in this article.

WooCommerce is an excellent plugin to create an online store. You can have a full-fledged online store up and running in no time. However, some of the native features don’t provide an out-of-the-box solution in displaying your products at their best.

One such feature is the quick view option.

If you’re running an eCommerce store, you know the importance of making the customer journey as effortless as possible. From finding products quickly to seamless checkout processes, the better the customer’s experience on your online store, the higher the chances of concluding a sale.

Considering the importance of showcasing your products in the best possible way for landing a sale, the quick view option is a missed opportunity amongst the native WooCommerce features.

The quick view feature makes it easier for your customers to view the key product information such as features, images, and variants by displaying a brief overview without heading to the product details page.

With WordPress, we know the solution to any problem lies with an appropriate plugin. And the good news is that this can be solved using quick view plugins. Using the quick view plugin, you make it easier for customers to view and purchase your store products, increasing your conversions and eventually your revenue.

In this article, we’ll cover some of the best WooCommerce quick view plugins to help you decide on one. We’ll also explain step-by-step how to install a quick view plugin.

Let’s get right to it!

What Is Quick View? How Does It Help?

As the name suggests, a quick view provides the customer with a “quick view” of the product. The details, such as description, images, variants, are displayed in a lightbox (a popup).

Quick view popup
WooCommerce Quick View Nulled - Maxkinon Marketplace

In a typical online store, the chances are that you’d view various products on the store page and click on a particular product to view additional details of the same. If you are not happy with the product description and features, you’d head back to the store page and continue on your search.

How many times would you go about this ‘back and forth’ exercise? We’re guessing, either until you’ve found the perfect product or you’ve run out of patience.

What if you could view the essential product information right from the store page? What if you didn’t have to check out the detailed product information page using the quick view feature? Wouldn’t it be a far more comfortable way to view all the products and decide on one?

This provides a much easier way for your customers to add the product directly to their cart without visiting the product details page. Thereby helping you create a much better user experience. And needless to say, this eventually helps increase your product sales.

How Quick View Works

Once you’ve installed the plugin, the quick view feature can be displayed either by a ‘hover over’ or a quick view button.

Quick view screenshot
WooCommerce Quick View Nulled - Maxkinon Marketplace

The hover over, as the name suggests, is when a customer hovers over the product image. The product price, product details, and even an add-to-cart option will be displayed. While this works well on desktops, hovering and viewing these details on a mobile device is impossible.

The next commonly used option is the quick view button. The quick view button usually opens a lightbox (popup) that displays all the essential product details, with an option to add to the cart.

While the quick view feature is a great way to efficiently display the product details, you’ll need to pay attention to the mobile view. The lightbox needs to be sized to make it easy for mobile users to view the contents.

As long as we pay heed to the mobile views, the quick view feature helps boost the customers’ overall shopping experience. Instead of going back and forth between store pages and individual product pages, the quick view option makes shopping online easier.

So, any doubts on whether we should be using the quick view feature? We’re guessing not!

Points to Be Considered While Selecting a Quick View Plugin

We’re guessing by now, you’ve understood the various benefits of using a quick view feature on your online store.

But, what do you consider while selecting a quick view plugin?

The usual prerequisites of opting for a plugin with a higher user rating, more active installations, and a regularly updated version remain. But, what else?

We mentioned two commonly used options to feature a quick view – the hover and the quick view button.

Based on a study by ForeSee, customers are more likely to use the quick view feature if it appeared as a persistent button.

Based on the report, 44.8 percent of customers visiting an online store used the quick view feature when it was presented as a persistent button. In comparison, only 8.1 percent of the customers used the button when it appeared on hover.

So next time you are considering which WooCommerce quick view plugin to go in for, opt for the one that lets you add a persistent button.

Top Quick View Plugins

Having understood why we need a quick view feature and what’s to be considered while selecting one, let’s review ten of the best WooCommerce plugins to include a quick view feature.

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