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WooCommerce Reviews for Discount plugin allows you to offer discounts to your customers for their reviews and recommendations. A positive review is a most powerful tool to drive repeat purchases, up-sells, and new sales.

Once your customer leaves a review, the system will automatically send an email with a discount coupon code. WooCommerce Review for Discounts Plugin allows you to generate multiple coupons for customers that review products in your WooCommerce store. You can easily customize all emails generated by the plugin.

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WooCommerce Review for Discount plugin is rich in features and easy to use. Let’s take a look at the plugin features and functionality.


WC Review for discounts plugin allows you to choose when the coupon will be sent after review composition or after it has been approved.
► Triggering event for single review: Whenever customers write a review on a product they will receive a coupon.
► SELECT PRODUCT: This plugin allows you to select specific product that will give a discount coupon only if reviews are inserted in selected products.


You can easily customize and set up each coupon by its price, validity, discount type, or restrictions on products.

► Percentage discount: A percentage discount for selected products only.
► Fixed cart discount: A fixed total discount for the entire cart.
► Fixed product discount: A fixed total discount for selected products only. The customer receives a set amount of discount per item.
► Coupon Amount:WooCommerce Reviews for Discount plugin allows you to set a fixed value or percentage off for this coupon.
► Validity Days:Admin can easily set for how many days the coupon will be valid since the creation. Set to “0” for no expiration.


The administrator can send automatic emails to users for each approved review. There are two types of emails

► Single Review:Email sent after a single review of a user.
► After Buying Product:Email is sent when customers buy the same product for which they write a review.


Review for Discounts plugin allows shop owners to customize their email type, subject, and body that sends to their reviewers along with the discount coupon code.


► Triggering event for Multiple Review:The user has to write a requested number of reviews to get a discount coupon. Admin can easily control from the backend how many reviews have to be written to receive the coupon.
► SELECT Categories: This plugin allows you to select specific categories that will give a discount coupon only if reviews are inserted in selected categories.


Send notification approaching requested quantity feature helps you to automatically remind your customers of how many reviews are left to get the discount.


This plugin helps you to automatically delete expired and or used coupons. All you need to do is enable the “Deletion of Expired Coupons” option. You can remove only those coupons generated by the plugin.


► Multiple Review:Email sent once users have written a certain quantity of reviews.
► Customer Close to the Target: Email sent when customers are getting close to the requested quantity of reviews to get the discount. Administrators can choose when they want to send the reminding email about how many reviews need to be written.


Admin can also set email header color to make it more appealing.


WooCommerce Reviews for Discount plugin lets you use the “SendGrid” system to manage emails. all you need to do is enable SendGrid functionality, add SendGrid Form Email, and SendGrid email API keys.


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  2. I need update version.

  3. Please share new version

  4. Very fast delivery.

  5. Very fast delivery.

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