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PublishPress Capabilities is the best plugin to control permissions for your WordPress posts, pages, media and custom post types.

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PublishPress Capabilities gives you control over all the permissions on your WordPress site. We built this user role editor plugin so you have an EASY and POWERFUL way to manage users.

You can customize all your WordPress user roles, from Administrators and Editors to Authors, Contributors, Subscribers and custom roles. Each use role can have the exact permissions that your site needs.

You can use PublishPress Capabilities to clean up the post editing screen. You can decide what authors see when they’re writing posts. You can hide any features on the Gutenberg or Classic Editor screens.

The Pro version of PublishPress Capabilities enables you to stop users from accessing any admin menu link and any frontend menu link.

PublishPress Capabilities is safe to use. Every time you change your site’s permissions, this plugin will take a backup that you can restore if anything goes wrong. You can use these backups to migrate your roles and permissions from one site to another.


Upgrade to Capabilities Pro
This plugin is the free version of PublishPress Capabilities. The Pro version of Capabilities has all the features you need to control permissions for your WordPress users. With Capabilities Pro you can manage access to posts, pages, media and custom post types. Click here to control access to your WordPress site with Capabilities Pro!


  1. User role editor: You can change the capabilities for any role.
  2. Works for all post types: Choose who can Publish, Read, Edit and Delete content for any post type.
  3. Works for all taxonomies: Choose who can Manage, Edit and Assign terms in any taxonomy.
  4. Hide admin area features: Remove items from the WordPress toolbar, plus dashboard widgets.
  5. Hide editor features: Decide what users see when they’re writing posts in Gutenberg or the Classic Editor.
  6. Hide editor metaboxes (Pro version): You can hide metaboxes on the post editing screen.
  7. Safe backups: Every time you change your permissions, PublishPress Capabilities saves a backup.
  8. Create or copy user roles: Add new roles, or clone existing roles.
  9. Frontend menus (Pro version): Stop users from accessing any frontend menu link.
  10. Admin menus (Pro version): Stop users from accessing any admin menu link.
  11. Media library permissions: Decide who can upload, edit and delete files.
  12. WooCommerce permissions: Control access to WooCommerce products, orders, coupons and more.
  13. Multisite support: Manage permissions on a single site or across your whole network.


PublishPress Capabilities gives you detailed control over all the permission levelsss on your WordPress site. You can edit user roles on your site, from Administrator and Editor to Contributor and Subscriber.

With the Capabilities plugin, you can choose who can Publish, Read, Edit and Delete content. You can choose permissions for posts, pages, custom content types, categories, tags, and more.

Click here for your quick start guide to PublishPress Capabilities.


Many WordPress users have sites with custom post types. This can be done using custom code, a theme, or with a plugin. No matter how your post type is created, PublishPress Capabilities lets you enforce and assign distinct capabilities for your post type.

Click here to see how to control post type permissions.


PublishPress Capabilities enables you to add extra permissions to the taxonomies on your site. This feature includes the default Categories and Tags, but also applies to other taxonomies. For example, in WooCommerce you can apply custom permissions to Product categories, Product tags, and Product shipping classes. You can enforce and assign “Manage”, “Edit” and “Assign” distinct capabilities for all your taxonomies.

Click here to learn about taxonomy permissions.


“Admin Features” allows you to hide features in the WordPress admin area and toolbar. You can decide what users see in your WordPress dashboard. You can use this option to hide all the links in the toolbar including “About WordPress”, “Visit Site” and more. You can also hide dashboard widgets such as “At a Glance”, “Quick Draft”, and “WordPress Events and News”.

Click here to learn about removing toolbar items and dashboard widgets.


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For info write to: [email protected]

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