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Edit the media files in a Spreadsheet Editor. It works with images, videos, audio. Edit captions, copy alt text from associated post title. Advanced Search..

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A Spreadsheet created specially for WordPress. Edit posts in bulk using Spreadsheet.


You can edit the post content using the Gutenberg editor right on the spreadsheet.
It also works with the Classic Editor.


  • View all your posts, pages, and woocommerce products in a spreadsheet
  • Edit posts in Spreadsheet (all core fields)
  • Edit pages in Spreadsheet (all core fields)
  • Create a lot of posts / products at once
  • Copy information between posts
  • Edit WooCommerce Products (Free version limited to title, status, regular price, sale price).
  • And more…


  • You are tired of opening several pages to edit your posts
  • You are tired of wasting time waiting for each post editor to load and save


  • Spreadsheet where you can edit all the information of your posts, pages, and woocommerce products including post title, post content, post status, post excerpt, featured image, publish date, comment status, page parent, post categories, and post tags.
  • You can navigate in the spreadsheet with your keyboard
  • You can order the spreadsheet by any column.
  • You can edit hundreds of posts without reloading the page
  • It works on shared hosting (you can adjust the server consumption on the options page)
  • Developers can add custom columns to the spreadsheet using actions and filters.
  • WPBakery Page Builder integration. Open the live or backend editor right on the spreadsheet.


WooCommerce Spreadsheet:

Edit woocommerce products using the spreadsheet.
It works well with Variable Products, Attributes, Downloadable Products, and Variations.

Buy WooCommerce Spreadsheet Plugin
Money back guarantee. We´ll give you a refund if the plugin doesn´t work.

Edit all product fields, including:

  • sale price
  • regular price
  • gallery
  • short description
  • stock status
  • stock quantity
  • featured image
  • visibility
  • is virtual
  • is downloadable
  • attributes
  • categories
  • tags
  • sale price dates
  • purchase notes
  • enable reviews
  • Shipping class
  • Custom fields
  • And more.

Buy WooCommerce Spreadsheet Plugin
Money back guarantee. We´ll give you a refund if the plugin doesn´t work.

Replace formula:

Apply changes to ALL YOUR POSTS AT ONCE with just a few clicks.

You can do a lot of things, like:

  • Replace words or phrases
  • Add a message at the end/beginning of your posts
  • Change posts status
  • Add a message above or below all the images.
  • Add shortcodes at the beginning or ending of all the posts in a specific category
  • Change all references to old prices in your posts
  • Change all links in your posts
  • Mark all products in a specific category as “out of stock”
  • Add a category to ALL THE POSTS in a specific category
  • Change post status from draft to publish, or any other
  • Set the same featured image in ALL the posts in specific category.
  • Replace an existing value with the current date
  • Etc.

Buy Premium Version

Math formula:

For example:

  • Increase / decrease products prices by a 10%
  • Increase / decrease your products stock in a specific product category

Advanced Custom Fields integration

Edit your metaboxes in the spreadsheet.

Add custom columns to the spreadsheet and edit other plugin´s fields.

Buy Premium Version

Copy information between posts in bulk

Do you need to set the same categories to 20 posts? Instead of adding every category manually, just drag one cell and paste it into the 20 cells below. Yes, it´s that easy.

You can copy titles, excerpts, post dates, categories, tags, etc.

You can enable / disable columns on the spreadsheet.

You can rename columns on the spreadsheet

Edit custom post types

You can enable the spreadsheet on ANY custom post type.

For example, you can edit the descriptions or captions of your images (media attachments) to improve your SEO.

If you theme added a “Portfolio” post type, you can edit the items too.

Buy Premium Version


Este plugin te permite editar entradas, artículo, y páginas usando una hoja de cálculo dentro de WP admin.
Tú puedes ver todos los posts y páginas en la hoja de cálculo y rápidamente editar los campos de WordPress.

La versión gratuita te permite:
– Ver todos los artículos, entradas, o páginas en la hoja de cálculo
– Crear y editar artículos, entradas, o páginas rápidamente
– Puedes buscar artículos por palabra clave, fecha, o autor
– Puedes copiar información de un artículo a otro
– Funciona con el nuevo editor de WordPress (Gutenberg)
– Puedes editar estos campos: título del post, contenido, estado, fragmento, imágen destacada, fecha de publicación, habilitar comentarios, página padre, categorías, y etiquetas.
– Editar precios de productos rápidamente usando la hoja de cálculo

La versión de pago te permite:
– Editar todos los tipos de posts: posts, páginas, productos de WooCommerce, eventos, portafolios, etc.
– Exportar e importar posts, páginas, productos para editar en excel o Google Sheets
– Editar todos los campos, el editor mostrará todos los campos del tipo de post. Ej. si son productos = todos los precios, inventario, galerías, etc.
– Hacer búsquedas avanzadas por cualquier combinación de campos (ej. buscar por precio, organizadores, información seo, etc.)
– Editar miles de artículos a la vez en un segundo (ej. eliminar cientos de artículos, reemplazar textos, establecer precios en lotes, actualizar fotos, etc.)

Descarga versión de pago
Garantía de devolución de dinero si no te funciona el plugin.


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Not Available – Connect with support team.
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If this is a plugin and the theme must be unzipped then upload. If it’s PHP script or Android source code and other items then check the docs file available on the zip file.

For info write to: [email protected]

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