DigitalOcean Droplets For WHMCS

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DigitalOcean Droplets For WHMCS. DigitalOcean Droplets For WHMCS is a module that will let you introduce complete provisioning and remote management of virtual machines.

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DigitalOcean Droplets For WHMCS has been developed to automate the provisioning and further operations that you and your clients may perform on virtual machines. The module features a number of configurable options, allowing you to deliver servers easily manageable in key parameters without leaving your website.

Having remote access to a wide array of tools, your customers will effortlessly manage their Droplets by powering them on and off, executing the reboot, or shutting them down entirely. Once they require server rebuilding, clients will have the option to select from various OS distribution images, One-Click Install Apps, or even snapshots shared by you. Additionally, they will be able to apply inbound and outbound firewall rules to Droplets, create their own snapshots, and utilize automatic backups for seamless VM restoration at any desired moment. The module also enables password-less login to the virtual server after providing the SSH public key during the ordering process. Thanks to the inclusion of dynamic graphs, your customers will enjoy the added convenience of tracking key information on server usage from any given timeframe. At the same time, you will maintain complete control over the gamut of components available to your clients, and efficiently navigate each supervisory task directly within the admin area.

Convert your hope for success into certainty with DigitalOcean Droplets For WHMCS. Start using the module today to guarantee the quality of services that will leave your audience amazed!


  • Admin Area

    • Create/Suspend/Unsuspend/Terminate Server
    • Resize Server By Changing Size Slug For Droplet Plan
    • Power On/Power Off/Shut Down/Reboot Server
    • Reset Server Password
    • Toggle Automatic Backups
    • Enable Private Networking
    • Enable Reserved IP Addresses
    • Enable IPv6
    • Change Server Hostname
    • View Server Status And Details
    • View Server Network Information
    • View/Create/Restore/Delete Snapshots
    • View And Restore Backups
    • Rebuild Server With Chosen OS Distribution
    • View Tasks History
    • Configure Product Details:
      • Choose Project
      • Choose Region
      • Choose Size Slug Plan
      • Choose OS Image
      • Define Additional Volume Size
      • Define Snapshots Limit
      • Define Firewalls Limit
      • Define Inbound/Outbound/Total Firewall Rules Limit
      • Define Droplet Tags
      • Provide Random Domain Prefix
      • Provide Firewall Prefix
      • Choose Master SSH Key
      • Toggle Automatic Backups
      • Toggle Monitoring
      • Toggle Reserved IP Addresses
      • Toggle IPv6
      • Toggle Private Networking
      • User Data – Execute Custom Cloud-Config Or Bash Script To Customize Server On First Boot
      • Allow SSH Key Inserting – Enable Logging In To Server Without Password
    • Choose Features Available In Client Area:
      • Rebuild Droplet
      • Snapshots
      • Tasks History
      • Backups
      • Firewalls
      • Graphs
      • Select Available Images To Rebuild Droplet:
        • OS Distributions
        • One-Click Install Apps
        • Snapshots
      • Change Hostname
      • Rebuild Initially Chosen Image Only
      • Power On
      • Power Off
      • Shut Down
      • Reboot
      • Reset Password
    • Generate Configurable Options
    • Choose Welcome Email And Password Reset Email Templates
    • Configure Email Piping
    • Run Server Connection Test
    • Toggle Debug For Logging API Requests And Responses
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Not Available – Connect with support team.
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If this is a plugin and the theme must be unzipped then upload. If it’s PHP script or Android source code and other items then check the docs file available on the zip file.

For info write to: [email protected]

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  1. Avatar of Zohar

    No need activation code. Really awesome

  2. Avatar of Michael

    Good quality.

  3. Avatar of A7medel

    I need Installation support.

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