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What is Revolution Lightbox?

Revolution Lightbox is a flexible and responsive lightbox, that allows to create galleries of multimedia content in a popup window. Built with techniques and using the latest Javascript and CSS thechniques it offers advanced features to showcase your media.

Revolution Lightbox main features

Responsive Layout – fully responsive and adaptable regardless of which device is used.

Display Anything You Can Think Of – display images (.jpg, .jpeg, .png, .bmp, .gif, .tif, .tiff, .jfi, .jfif, .exif, .svg), audio (.mp3, .m4a, .acc), Shoutcast, Icecast, video (.mp4, .webm, .ogv), Youtube, Vimeo, HLS/HTTP Live Streaming/m3u8, DASH MPEG, Google Drive, Dropbox and other cloud platforms, PDF, HTML content, Iframe and more…

Static Content And Dynamic Content – the static content will automatically create the lightbox galleries and add the necessary events to the page elements related to a query selector, on the other hand, the dynamic content allows displaying one or more galleries created from hidden HTML markup or JSON by clicking an element in the page at your choosing.

Easy Video Player Included – the only lightbox in the world that has true video & audio integration. Easy Video Player is the engine used to play video & audio files and boy it is awesome, it supports multiple audio and video formats (mp4, mp3, mp4a, .acc, .m3u8, .mpd, Youtube, Vimeo, etc) and comes with premium features like, subtitles, Chromecast, VAST & VMAP advertising, Google Adsense advertising, native fullscreen support and much more…

Easy To Configure And Install – easy to include in your project. Featuring detailed documentation and video tutorials with sample demo pages ready for use.

Desktop And Mobile Optimized – support for mouse and touch for mobile devices and touch screens.

Graphics Image .png Skin Or Vector Skin – customizable skin with png image icons or vector SVG icons, visually the vector and graphics skins look the same. Figma/.fig files included plus video tutorial about how to use the graphics and vector skin.

True Multimedia Content – support for images (.jpg, .jpeg, .png, .bmp, .gif, .tif, .tiff, .jfi, .jfif, .exif, .svg), audio (.mp3, m4a, .acc),Shoutcast, Icecast, video (.mp4, .webm, .ogv), Google Drive, Dropbox or other cloud platforms, YoutubeVimeoHLS/HTTP Live Streaming m3u8, DASH MPEG, Google mapsPDFHTML contentIframe and more.

Automatic Media Content Type Detection – Revolution Lightbox will set the appropriate type (video, audio, image, etc) based on the media URL, to the media items without any extra requirements.

Deeplinking – unique and shareable link for the current opened gallery item.

Modal Support – possibility to set the lightbox as modal, this way it can only be closed using the close button.

Static And Dynamic Content – the only lightbox in the world with both static and dynamic content.

Custom Media Query Selector – set your Custom Query Selector to any CSS selector as a class name(s) or attribute(s) in order to open the matching element(s) from your document.

Lazy Loading – this feature is loading the images and video posters in the background for a seamless user experience.

Keyboard Support – ESC: close lightbox, LEFT & RIGHT ARROWS: skip video 10 seconds forward or backward if the video is playing or change slides if the video is not playing, F: video fullscreen/normalscreen, UP & DOWN ARROWS: video volume up or volume down, M: video mute/unmute, SPACE: video play/pause.

Drag Support – drag support to navigate between slides/items on both mouse and touch-based screens.

Buttons Auto Hide – the lightbox buttons (close, share, next, prev, etc) can hide after several seconds of user inactivity, the duration for this can be set as needed.

Item Buttons Navigation – next and previous buttons to navigate to the next or previous slide/item.

Slideshow & Slideshow Button – lightbox slideshow using a play/pause button, the time interval between slides can be set in milliseconds.

Slideshow Autoplay & Autostop – the slideshow can be set to autoplay, or autostop when the last slide is showed.

Circular Slideshow Animation – circular slideshow animation for displaying the slideshow progress.

Fullscreen Support – fullscreen/normalscreen button and native fullscreen support on both desktop and mobile.

Maximize & Minimize For Images – maximize/minimize button and maximize/minimize double click/tap feature for images. The maximize zoom factor can be set to a custom value to allow fine tune controll on the maximized image.

Three Different Lightbox Button Position – the lightbox buttons can be positioned next to the item, at the top of the lightbox, or outside of the item.

Share Button And Share Window – share button and share window with nine share social platforms, the share social platforms buttons can be ordered and also removed as needed.

Thumbnails Support – customizable thumbnails support, the size and other parameters like gap between thumbnails can be modified.

Caption Support – customizable CSS formatted caption with two animation types (opacity and motion) and three-position type (over the lightbox item at the top or bottom or under the lightbox item).

Easy Video Player As The Video & Audio Engine – the only lightbox in the world that has true video & audio integration. Easy Video Player is the engine used to play video & audio files and boy it is awesome, it supports multiple audio and video formats.

Various Video & Audio Format – Support for various video or audio formats like .mp3.mp4, Shoutcast, Icecast, YoutubeVimeo and Vimeo Pro, HLS/.m3u8, DASH MPEG/.mpd live streaming, Google Drive, Dropbox and other cloud platforms.

Advanced Video Advertising – VAST – Video Ad Serving Template and VMAP – Video Multiple Ad Playlist support and Google Adsense Interactive Media Ads SDKs – IMA SDK for HTML5 and DFP / Google Doubleclick IMA tags.

Video & Audio Autoplay – video & audio autoplay on both desktop and mobile devices.

Video Thumbnails Live Preview – video thumbnails preview created from a .vtt file or live auto-generated video thumbnails.

Chromecast Support – play mp4 video, mp3 audio or HLS/m3u8 files on your TV screen using Chromecast, the media can be controlled via the video player interface basically, the browser and the video player become a remote tv, example here.

Video & Audio Subtitles – support for subtitles, the format can be .txt, .srt or .vtt.

Private Password Protected Video/Audio – private Video/Audio with MD5 encrypted password, this feature applies to Youtube and Vimeo as well.

WooCommerce support – Revolution Lightbox can be included in a WooCommerce product page, all features and settings works exactly like in the WordPress plugin, there are no restrictions (not included in the JavaScript version).

WordPress support – Revolution Lightbox is built as an WordPress plugin as well, with a dedicated backend and premium features, video tutorial (not included in the JavaScript version).

Constant Development And Updates – once purchased, Revolution Lightbox comes with access to support and free updates.

Direct support from the developer – >Once you buy Revolution Lightbox you will also receive direct support and attention from the developer. Tibi @ FWD.

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If this is a plugin and the theme must be unzipped then upload. If it’s PHP script or Android source code and other items then check the docs file available on the zip file.

For info write to: [email protected]

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