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What Is Rey Theme?

Rey – Fashion & Clothing, Furniture WordPress Theme Theme Is Probably One Of The Most Unique Products On WooCommerce Market, Suitable For Furniture Stores, Fashion / Clothing & Apparel Stores, Artist Stores Or Painters And Many Other Stores. A Jack Of All E-Commerce Business Lines.

Rey Is A Well-Crafted WordPress Theme, Packed With Features, Stunning Design, And Solid Infrastructure To Provide The Foundation For Your Upcoming Projects. While It Is Primarily Considered An E-Commerce-Specific Theme, This Is Only A Small Part Of Its Power. So You Can Safely Use It For Pretty Much Any Type Of Website.

Rey demo
features Rey Fashion amp Clothing Furniture
other features Rey Fashion amp Clothing Furniture

Rey – Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme Features

ThemeFuzz Is Dedicated To This Theme And The Author Wants To Constantly Update It With Amazing New Features, Improvements, Fixes And Designs.

Please Contact ThemeFuzz If You Have A Feature Request. I Have A Huge To-Do List Of Features And Your Requests Will Help The Author Prioritize Them Better.

Compare the theme Rey – Fashion & Clothing, Furniture compared to other themes

In A Nutshell, ThemeFuzz Means – A Modern, Flexible And Lightweight Theme With Lots Of Features.

Normally, Features & Flexibility Are The Opposite Of Light Weight And It Basically Accentuates The Theme, But That Is Not The Case With Rey Theme. Because Of Its Modularity, Everything Is Loaded On Demand, The Rule Of Thumb Is – Load Only What’s In Use.

As For The Work Of Others, Many Works Are Archaic Themes And They Become Unmistakable Due To Their Composite Background. Again, Not The Case With The Rey Theme. Its Infrastructure Will Always Prioritize Modularity, Providing A Stable Foundation For Current And Future Projects.

Rey Theme Demo

The Unlimited Creative Subscription

Rey Theme Changelog- Fashion & Clothing, Furniture WordPress Theme Nulled Free

14 Dec. 2021
Improvement: Quickview, Added Navigation Arrow Buttons Inside;
Improvement: Variation Swatches’ Clear Button, Replaced With An Improved Markup;
Improvement: Updated ACF Pro To 5.11.4;
Improvement: Added Products Per Page Switcher;
Improvement: Better Compatibility With Advanced Woo Search;
Improvement: Compare, Added Option To Be Aware Of The Attribute Visibility;
Fix: Custom Checkout Login Button Still Showing Up Regardless If Disabled In WooCommerce’ Account Settings;
Fix: Compare Button, Padding Issues On Product Page;
Fix: Size Charts Plugin Compatibility;
Fix: Filters Accessibility Issue;
Fix: Tags Filter Widget Hiding Sibling Items Regardless If Multiple Tags Are Selected;
Fix: Cookies Dependency Script From WooCommerce Is Sometimes Not Loaded;
Fix: WPML Currency Not Working With Lazy Product Grids;
Fix: SkewSection Prevent Clicking On Video;
Fix: Deselecting Active Parent Categories In Filters;
Fix: Compatibility With Jetpack’s Lazy Loading;
Fix: Automatically Hide Modal Containing A Newsletter Form On Successful Submission;
Fix: PHP Error With YITH Gift Cards Enabled;
Fix: Variation Swatches And Filtering Auto-Select Attribute (Ex: Color);
Fix: Variation Swatches RTL Improvements;
Fix: Price Instalments Sometimes Showing A Huge Number For “From-To” Prices;
Fix: Estimated Delivery Dates Utf8 Encode By Default;
Fix: Compatibility With Slider Revolution, Not Adding Custom Fonts And Causing Its Crash;

26 Nov 2021
Improvement: Scheduled Sales, Added New Countdown Style – Inline And Options To Stretch Or Align To Center;
Fix: Customizer’s Fonts Sometimes Are Not Loaded;
Fix: Size Charts Plugin Compatibilities;
Fix: Scrollbar Fixes;
Fix: PHP Error Happening Sometimes When Core Is Disabled;
Fix: Fatal Error When Woo Disabled;
Fix: Icons In Menu Not Showing Properly With Svg’s;
Fix: When Customizer Dynamic Cache Is Disabled, The Styles Still Remain Cached;
Fix: Product Page’s Free Shipping Text Not Showing Up Anymore;
Fix: Remade Compatibility With Iconic Attribute Swatches Plugin;
Fix: Product Item Slideshows Sometimes Not Showing Fine With Custom Thumbnail Container Height;
Fix: Sometimes In-Stock Filters Inherit A Wrong Comparison Operator;
Fix: Swatches Module, Better Compatibility With Other Plugins;

18 Nov 2021
Improvement: Added Variation Swatches Internal Module With Various Styles Eg: Https://D.Pr/I/FyxKAl . No Need For External Plugins To Display The Swatches, Neither In Product Page Or Archive. More Inside The KB Article;
Improvement: Added Scheduled Sales Badges Or Countdowns In Products Eg: Https://D.Pr/I/TFaXDH Or Https://D.Pr/I/XtFl8e ;
Improvement: Added Carousel Element Supporting Various Card Templates And Multiple Source Types;
Improvement: New Product Catalog Item Skin – Rigo Eg: Https://D.Pr/I/5K2WgW ;
Improvement: Added Grid Element With Multiple Source Types, Regular Or List Grid And Various Card Layouts;
Improvement: Posts Element, Support For Pages Too;
Improvement: Cart Element, Added Option To Replace Empty Cart Template With Generic Global Section;
Improvement: Added Control To Replace Empty Product Catalog Pages (And Search) With Generic Global Section;
Improvement: Wishlist Page, Added Option To Replace Empty Template With Generic Global Section;
Improvement: Button Element, Support For Triggers (Such As Opening An Off-Canvas Panel);
Improvement: Trigger Element, Option To Stretch Button;
Improvement: Ability To Link Everywhere To Trigger Any Offcanvas Panel;
Improvement: Menu Element, Product Categories Skin, Added Option To Disable Uncategorized Item;
Improvement: Menu Element, Product Cat. Skin, Compatibility With Vertical/Horizontal Sliding Menus;
Improvement: Product Grid, Option To Hide The No-Results Notice;
Improvement: Request Quote, Will Show Variation Attributes In Popup And Mail;
Improvement: Newsletter Form, More Customisation Options;
Improvement: Product Grid’s Arrows, Extra Style Customisations;
Improvement: Slider Element, New Bullets Style (Bars);
Improvement: Posts Element, Inner Skin Option To Have Gradient Overlay;
Improvement: Inline Search Form (Element), Added Option To Disable Results Overlay;
Improvement: Cover SideSlide Added Support For Videos On Mobile;
Improvement: Menu Element, Added Ability To Link The Custom Title;
Improvement: Cover Skew, Added Option To Disable Entry Animation;
Improvement: Updated ACF To 5.11;
Fix: Advanced Size Charts Plugin, Options Not Showing Up In Customizer Compatibilities;
Fix: Global Sections Date Visibility & Timezone;
Fix: Product Catalog Teasers Positions, Not Working;
Fix: Posts Element In Carousel Mode, Sometimes Not Loading In The Frontend;
Fix: Cover Split, Workaround For Chromium Browsers When Showing Blurry Images;
Fix: Grid Gallery Zoom Expanding Image Boundaries;
Fix: Safari 15 Issues With Distortion Cover;
Fix: Text Widget’s Links Not Applying The Link Effects;
Fix: WPRocket When Delay JS Is Enabled, Force Disable Product Page Gallery Loading State;
Fix: Bottom Description Controls Show Up For Non-Public Product Attributes;
Fix: Cart Panel Remove Buttons Conflicts With Flying Pages Scripts;
Fix: Php Error With Badges Showing Sometimes;
Fix: Sidebar Popup Close Button On Hover Appearing Invisible;
Fix: PHP Error With Autoptimize Plugin;
Fix: Video Embed In Product Page’s Short Description;
Fix: Product Item Slideshows, Not Working Properly When Disabled On Mobiles;
Fix: Chevron Icon Not Showing Properly;
Fix: Tag Pages Not Being Able To Hide Title;
Fix: PHP Fatal Error Happening Sometimes In Backend Mode;
Fix: Product Page Gallery Bullets Improper Count When Using Video;
Fix: Removed Product Grid’s Container Offset Option. Better To Use The Parent Column’s Utility Expand To Edge Classes;
Fix: Product Page Video Not Working With Timestamp In Link;
Fix: Category Filters Switch To Siblings When Multiple Is Not Possible;
Fix: Checkout Custom Layout, When Billing First And Different Address Checked, Force Shipping Validation;
Fix: Summary Tabs, Not Opening First By Default;
Fix: Product Grid Element, Excerpt Display Settings Not Being Able To Show On Mobiles;
Fix: Compatibility With Iconic Single Variations;
Fix: Wrapped Product Item Skin’s Height Not Properly Covering The Image;
Fix: Cart Page, Missing Quantity Controls;
Fix: Posts Element On A Single Column Having Large Gaps;
Fix: Product Page’s Mobile Accordion, Added Scroll In Position, Smooth Animation And Arrows;
Fix: Quickview With Accordion Items, Duplicated Specifications Block;
Fix: Compatibility With WPRocket, In Some Cases Delay JS Is Not Running Even Though It’s Enabled Which Causes Invalidation Checks In Rey;
Fix: Sticky Add To Cart Bar Prices Missing Dash;
Fix: Modal Section Resizing In Edit Mode Not Working;

V2.1.3 REY CORE – 6 Oct 2021
Improvement: Added Option To Disable Add To Cart Button In Product Page, Regardless Of Catalog Mode;
Improvement: Support For Toggle Text On Dynamic Text Skin;
Improvement: Slider Nav. Widget, Added Hover Color Control;
Improvement: Added Support For Inline Video In Product Page’s Gallery;

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If this is a plugin and the theme must be unzipped then upload. If it’s PHP script or Android source code and other items then check the docs file available on the zip file.

For info write to: [email protected]

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  1. Anyone can make it nulled.

  2. No need activation code. Really awesome

  3. I need Installation support.

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