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Product Vendors caters for both vendors and marketplace owners with specific features that ensure.

Turn your store into a multi-vendor marketplace

Have you got an existing site and loyal community and would like to find ways to diversify your revenue? Or would you like to start an eCommerce business without having to invest in creating your own product line? With Product Vendors for WooCommerce you can instantly turn a WooCommerce powered store into a marketplace complete with multiple vendors, products and payout settings.Allow multiple vendors to sell via your site and in return take a commission on sales to cover the costs of managing the site while you focus your efforts on building a community.

Why use Product Vendors?

  • Create a marketplace that can sell anything. From physical, hand-made products to digital downloads like photographs, themes, fonts, audio or video and even time-based bookings with our integration with WooCommerce Bookings.
  • Continue selling your own products. Display vendor products for sales right alongside your own products.
  • Set vendor specific commission rates. Incentivise new vendors to join your marketplace or reward loyal or high earning with vendor specific commission rates – while still setting a separate base commission rate across your marketplace.
  • Reduce your admin. Allow vendors to manage their own products.
  • Don’t pay commissions on orders that are not completed. Set commissions to only be assigned to vendors once the order is completed.
  • Stay on of top of your marketplace with sales reports. Get an overall view of vendor sales, commissions and earnings per month by vendor.
  • Delay commission payments to account for returns. Use PayPal Payouts to delay commission payments in case of returns on physical products.

Product Vendors caters for both vendors and marketplace owners with specific features that ensure:

Vendors can:
  • control their public profile
  • manage their products and edit per-product shipping rules themselves
  • add private notes to orders or notes to customers (e.g. tracking numbers)
  • view their orders and reports on sales performance
  • sell physical and/or digital products as well as time-based bookings
  • receive commission payouts
Marketplace owners can:
  • accept and approve applications from potential vendors
  • set up one or more vendor admins to manage vendor’s information
  • set up each vendor’s commission and payout schedule
  • integrate with WooCommerce Bookings to allow vendors to sell time-based bookings
  • display a vendor rating composed of the ratings of all of the products they sell
  • set products to need approval before being added to the store on a per-vendor basis
  • enable commissions on sales to be a set amount or a percentage and set this individually, per-vendor, per-product, or per-store
  • make payments to vendors instantly, manually, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly

Vendor registration form

Product-Vendor-Registration@2x Vendors can register and/or apply by filling out a registration form expressing their interest in selling on your store and they can be accepted and approved on a per application basis.

Send approval emails to vendors

Product-Vendor-Emails@2x You can now notify potential vendors when their application has been approved with an email sent directly to their inbox.

Multiple vendor settings

Product-Vendor-Roles@2x Choose from multiple Vendor role settings including Vendor Admin (has access to all vendor settings) and Vendor Manager (limited access, can’t see sales tax or other settings).

Feature rich vendor management

Product-Vendor-Vendors@2x Set up one or more WooCommerce users to manage the vendor’s information including profile, email address and logo.

Intuitive Commission List Management

Product-Vendor-Commission@2x Commissions on sales can be a set amount (ex. $5 on every purchase) or a percentage (ex. 25% of each sale) — you can set this individually per-vendor, per-product, or per-store.

Manage orders, shipments, and customer notes

Product-Vendor-Shipping@2x Product vendors have built in Per Product Shipping and the ability to add private notes or notes to customers (e.g. tracking numbers).

Selectively show vendor information

Product-Vendor-Profiles@2x Turn your store into a real marketplace by selectively showing each vendor’s, name per product, overall rating, profile photo and profile information.

Manage payout settings

Product-Vendor-Payouts@2x Payments to vendors can be made, instantly (this is a per-vendor setting only and uses PayPal Payouts*), manually, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly. * subject to approval by PayPal
Product Vendors is compatible with WooCommerce Bookings

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  • qraver
    JAN 24, 2021
    needs to add individual vendor shops

  • qraver
    JAN 24, 2021
    needs to add individual vendor shops

  • info331454386
    OCT 10, 2020
    It does what it should, easy to use and pretty powerful! The only annoying thing is that it does not (yet) automatically mark Refunded items as Void, you need to do this manually and you can't even filter on refunded products which is quite annoying and every other vendor plugin can already do this.. please fix this and then it will be a 5* product :)

  • go2air9
    MAY 19, 2020
    Before you decide to buy this plugin ensure that you have active Payouts option in PayPal. I spent a lot of time, effort and nerves to do it. This option is not active by default and after 2 months chasing local, Polish PayPal sales team I need to rebuild my market and use different solution.
    You can start supporting other payments. Only one is the risk.

  • artvallarta
    JUN 21, 2019
    It states its compatible with WooCommerce Bookings, but does not allow to sort/pay by booking date, just the date the booking was made. In bookings, people book in advance and sometimes don't pay upon arrival or change their dates. Also you can't sort by the date the booking is for or by customer name
    Sort by actual booking date (not booking creation date) Sort by customer name

  • Adrian Wackernah
    FEB 18, 2019
    We use it as marketplace for selling art. Customers pay at pickup, pickup location is handle by local pickup plus. Orders are fulfilled by vendor at pickup, we don’t need the commission part. It is very well supported and has most features I need for basic marketplace. It works wi

6 reviews for WooCommerce Product Vendors

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  1. Avatar of Camden

    Anyone can make it nulled.

  2. Avatar of Hayden

    Anyone can make it nulled.

  3. Avatar of William

    No need activation code. Really awesome

  4. Avatar of abdulla

    I need update version.

  5. Avatar of Matthew

    I need Installation support.

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